English Language Accents

Accent Kits for Actors

Created by Expert Voice Coaches

This site contains over 100 English-speaking Accents, mainly from the British Isles, but also from across Europe, Africa, the Americas and Oceania.

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The Creators

Edda Sharpe, Jan Haydn Rowles and Richard Ryder combine 50 years of experience, insight, top tips and essential tools needed to work with any accent or voice issue. They have created the Accent Kit website to assist actors in learning accents for auditions and roles.


The team that brought you the excellent Accent Kit App, now bring you this new and updated website with all the accents and many more ...

"Excellent. In depth and detailed. The Accent Kit handily breaks down accents into individual sounds, where in the mouth the voice is based, tonality, hesitation noise, etc. It’s superb."

"The Accent Kit has helped me prepare for projects and auditions on numerous occasions! I couldn’t recommend it more!"

"Everything I could hope it to be. I had been looking for some time for a resource like this, with a great lack of success, so I’m very glad to have found this one."