Do all the KITS have exactly the same content?

Almost! The Free Speech differs from speaker to speaker as it’s their own personal story, but otherwise they all read the same material. (NB. Very occasionally we may upload a “partial kit” if the speaker was unable to record all the material for some reason. If this is the case it will be made clear in the information on that kit’s page.)

Do I need to listen to the sections on a specific order?

No, pick any section, at any time, in any order. Practice little and often, eventually you’ll have listened to every section.

I can’t find the accent I am looking for! What do I do?

If you have used the search function and still can’t find it, it looks like we don’t have that accent yet! We keep a list of accents we are searching for, so get in touch with us via the form on the Contact page and we will add your request to the list.

Are all the recordings genuine?

Yes! Every speaker is speaking in their own natural accent.

Are all the London accents the same?

No, they represent a variety of ages and backgrounds. Be sure to read the description and listen to the sample to decide which is best for your project or character.

Can I create an icon on my phone for easy access to the website, like the app?

Yes. Log into your Account and go to the My Accent Kits page. For android phones, click on the three dots at the top right of the page, click ‘add to home screen’. For iPhones, tap the Share button in the menu bar, scroll down the list of options, then tap Add to Home Screen.

Will I receive an update from The Accent Kit when there are new accents added?

Sign up to our mailing list on the Contact page to receive updates. We will also announce these on our social media channels so follow us for news and offers!

Do I own the digital files once I’ve purchased them?

Copyright is retained with The Accent Kit. You will have access to the Kits you have purchased by logging into your account on this website.