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Aged 32 | Born 1981

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"I am from Waterford City originally. At the age of 18 I moved to Bristol where I trained as an actor. I have lived in London for ten years but have spent two years living in Dublin and work there regularly."

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About Waterford

County Waterford (Irish: Port Láirge, meaning “Lárag’s port”) is located in the South-East Region of Ireland and is part of the province of Munster. It has two mountain ranges, the Knockmealdown Mountains and the Comeragh Mountains. It also has many rivers, and over 30 beaches along Waterford’s volcanic coast line.

Today, Waterford is known for Waterford Crystal, a legacy of the city’s former glass making industry. Glass, or crystal, was manufactured in the city from 1783 until early 2009, when the factory there was shut down. The Waterford Crystal visitor centre in the Viking Quarter opened in June 2010 after the intervention of Waterford City Council and Waterford Chamber of Commerce.

Waterford is also known for being the “starting point” of one of the biggest European airlines (as of 2013) – Ryanair’s first flight was a 14-seat Embraer Bandeirante turboprop aircraft, flying between Waterford and Gatwick Airport.