South East London Female

Aged 18 | Born 1995

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"I’m a white Londoner from Eltham. My dad’s half Irish but I’m from London, my mum’s from London and I’ve got six brothers and sisters. I grew up in Middle Park in Eltham, it’s an estate … when I was first growing up it was just full of English people but as I’ve got older there’s more cultures there now."

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About South East London

The South East of London includes the boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham, Bexley and Bromley, Lambeth and Southwark. It connects London to the more rural region of Kent.  It is the home of the Greenwich Conservatory, the Imperial War Museum, the National Maritime Museum and the London Dome.

This particular speaker is from Eltham where, on 24 April 1993, 18-year-old student Stephen Lawrence was fatally stabbed. The crime quickly became one of the most high-profile racially motivated murders in modern Britain.