Sheffield Female

Aged 14 | Born 2000

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"I go to a mixed comprehensive school. I am British, my mum is white, she was born in Sheffield, and my dad is Jamaican. I am working class."

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About Sheffield

Sheffield is located in the county of South Yorkshire in the North of England. It was first established as an Anglo Saxon village, and today has expanded to become the fourth largest city in England. The city of Sheffield is a metropolitan borough of South Yorkshire, with its roots placed firmly in industry, such as steel and coal.

Sheffield became one of the leading industrial cities in Britain and is still recognised for its large contribution to the steel industry. The city has been referred to on many occasion as ‘steel city’ and used as a base to describe the scene for Charles Dickens’ book Hard Times.

This industrial strength also made it vulnerable to the economic changes of the 1980s, reflected in the film The Full Monty.

Sheffield has two universities, which bring about 65,000 students to the city every year.