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Aged 30 | Born 1984

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"I am white British. I am am a busy mum."

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About Salford

Salford has a history of human activity stretching back to the Neolithic age. There are over 250 listed buildings in the city, including Salford Cathedral, and three Scheduled Ancient Monuments. It is bounded to the north by the boroughs of Bolton and Bury, to the south by Trafford, to the west by Wigan and to the east by Manchester.

With the Industrial Revolution, the population of Salford and grew along with its textile industry. In 1894, the Manchester Ship Canal was opened, running from the River Mersey to Salford Quays; when it was complete it was the largest navigation canal in the world The city and its industries experienced decline throughout much of the 20th century, until the 1990s.

Since then, parts of Salford have undergone regeneration, especially Salford Quays, home of BBC North and Granada Television. J S Lowry famously painted scenes of working class life in Salford, and there is now a gallery in Salford Quays named after him.