RP ‘Sloane’ Female

Aged 43 | Born 1971

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"I was born in Paris to an English father and a German mother. We lived in France until I was four then moved back to southern England, living in the area around Basingstoke and Fleet in Hampshire. I moved to London aged 18 and worked in various jobs in PR and marketing until launching my own fashion business in July 2014"

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About RP ‘Sloane’

RP means Received Pronunciation. This particular speaker uses a variety often referred to as ‘Sloane’, a term used to refer to a stereotype of upper class or upper-middle-class people who share distinctive and common lifestyle traits, associated with the West London area of Kensington and Chelsea and prosperous areas of the counties surrounding London.

Notable ‘Sloane’ speakers:

Boris Johnson

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York