RP Female

Aged 83 | Born 1934

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"I was born in 1934 in Cheam, Surrey. My father was an engineer. He was brought up in a strict religious household, but I wasn’t brought up with religion. I was privately educated and later did my medical training at The Royal Free, although in my day it was called The London School of Medicine for Women. I worked in several hospitals and trained as an ophthalmologist. I continued to work once I was married and had children. My husband was a lawyer and we lived abroad for a short while. I would describe myself as middle class. "

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About ‘Received Pronunciation’

RP stands for ‘Received Pronunciation’. It is an accent of English that is non-regional and is associated with the middle and upper classes. This particular speaker has an older, more traditional example of the accent. Cheam is a large suburban village in the London Borough of Sutton, at the southern boundary of Greater London where it meets Surrey.