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Aged 53 | Born 1962

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"I was born in 1962, 53 this year. White British, Church of England … not practising that hard … I was born nearer the town centre in Northampton, Far Cotton … Working Class, we’ve all been working class, my mum worked right up until she was in her 70s doing cleaning jobs and different things."

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About Northampton

The county town of Northamptonshire in the East Midlands of England. It lies on the River Nene, about 67 miles (108 km) north-west of London and 50 miles (80 km) south-east of Birmingham. One of the largest towns in the UK, Northampton had a population of 212,100 in the 2011 census.

Archaeological evidence of settlement in the area dates back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. During the Middle Ages, the town rose to national significance with the establishment of Northampton Castle, which was an occasional royal residence and regularly hosted the Parliament of England. Medieval Northampton had many churches, monasteries and the University of Northampton, which were all enclosed by the town walls. It was granted its first town charter by King Richard I in 1189 and its first mayor was appointed by King John in 1215. The town is also the site of two medieval battles; the Battle of Northampton (1264) and the second in 1460.

In the 19th century, Northampton became an industrial centre for footwear and leather manufacture and because of this the town football club is nicknamed ‘The Cobblers’.

This is the accent used for the London production of Kinky Boots the musical 2015.

(Wikipedia 2015)