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Aged 18 | Born 1996

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"I’m originally from Honduras. I moved here when I was six, so all my school-time has been here. I went to a small catholic junior school in Tottenham, and then I went to Pimlico Secondary School, but I lived in North London so I had to go from North to South London to get to school. Both my parents are Honduran."

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About North London

North London has often been portrayed as the leafy, green, hilly part of the city. Indeed, from Primrose Hill in Camden, you can take in a view of virtually the whole of London. But the reality is that though there are some famous parks such as Hampstead Heath, the once leafy suburbs of places such as Barnet, Hendon, Hampstead and Finchley are now very much part of urban London, and Camden Town is internationally known for its markets and music venues. North London is also home to some of the country’s largest South Asian, Greek, Turkish and Jewish communities.

The last 20 years or so has witnessed the birth of a new London accent. This shift from a traditional London accent to a new contemporary ‘street’ sound is often known as ‘street’ London and linguistically termed ‘Multi Cultural London English’. The younger generation growing up in London, exposed to diverse mixture of second-language English and local London English, created new social groups and with them a new accent. Young people from all cultural backgrounds continue to emulate the accent, adding their own words and sounds.