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Aged 19 | Born 1995

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"I live in Glasgow. I live in a scheme area called Ruchill. In that place there’s not really much to do. All you really can do is go out and have a drink at one of your mate’s houses."

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About Glasgow

Glasgow is situated on the River Clyde. The people of Glasgow are referred to as ‘Glaswegians’. Ruchill lies within the Canal Ward of North Glasgow.

It has traditionally been characterised by a high degree of deprivation and social problems. However from the late 1990s much of the poorer quality housing stock has been cleared to be replaced by newly built housing association and owner-occupied homes, improving much of the area’s character.  Glasgow has the highest population of any Scottish city.

The industrial boom of the 18th and 19th century saw Glasgow and the surrounding region expanded rapidly, becoming known as a world class centre for shipbuilding and marine engineering. From the 1900s the city port was one of the UK’s main hubs for transatlantic trade with North America and the West Indies.

Glasgow is well known for the football rivalry between Celtic and Rangers, linked to the historical religious rivalry between the Catholics and the Protestants.