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Aged 29 | Born 1985

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"I was born in 1985 … we’re known here as smoggies which probably comes from the air pollution caused by our former industrial heritage … me sister was in the Air Training Corps anyway I thought I’d go along seeing as she was already set up there."

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About Middlesbrough

A large industrial town situated on the south bank of the River Tees in North Yorkshire, England. Middlesbrough was governed by the County Council of the North Riding of Yorkshire until 1889, when it was created a county borough. In 1968 the borough was merged with a number of others to form the County Borough of Teesside, which was absorbed in 1974 by the county of Cleveland. In 1996, Cleveland was abolished, and Middlesbrough became a unitary authority, geographically within North Yorkshire.

The name Mydilsburgh is the earliest recorded form of Middlesbrough’s name and dates to Anglo-Saxon times (400–1000 AD), while many of the villages around the area appear in the Domesday Book of 1086.

The 1871 census of England & Wales showed that Middlesbrough had the second highest percentage of Irish born people in England after Liverpool. This equated to 9.2% of the overall population of the district at the time. Due to the rapid development of the town and its industrialisation there was much need for people to work in the many blast furnaces and steel works along the banks of the Tees. This attracted many people from Ireland, who were in much need of work. As well as people from Ireland, the Scottish, Welsh and overseas inhabitants made up 16% of Middlesbrough’s population in 1871

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