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Aged 25 | Born 1989

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"My family are all from Liverpool. I grew up in Halewood which is in the south of Liverpool. My maternal grandfather was Welsh. I was brought up catholic and I went to an all girls’ catholic high school."

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About Liverpool

Liverpool was a major port in the North West of England which dominated the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in the late 18th Century.  It has always been a melting pot of people, culture and religion, and is now also a thriving urban metropolis.

The distinctive Liverpudlian accent has its roots in that of the surrounding county of Lancashire, but has been heavily influenced by Irish immigration, Scandinavian sailors, the Afro-Caribbean community, and bordering neighbours in North Wales.   This is often heard in the breathy consonants of the Irish, the melody and rhythm of Afro-Caribbean and the guttural consonants of Scandinavian languages.

The popular nickname for a particular style of Liverpool speech, Scouse, comes from the Norwegian Sailors who ate a dish called lapskaus, a stew of mixed ingredients. In the 19th century, people who commonly ate ‘scouse’ such as local dockers, families and sailors became known as ‘Scousers’.