East Coast (Massachusetts) Female

Aged 49 | Born 1966

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"So, I grew in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I went to high school here, college was also in Massachusetts, but in a different part of Massachusetts. I’m probably pretty representative of an east coast educated sound. I’m from white protestant families on both sides."

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About Standard/General – East Coast

Although the east coast of America is home to some of the most distinctive accents in the country, there is also an accent which could be considered standard or general for the entire area, and does not typically represent the specific town or city of the speaker. It might also be recognised by Americans more generally as ‘General American’, or more formal varieties as ‘Broadcast Standard’.

Cambridge, where this speaker is from, is a city in Massachusetts, in the Boston metropolitan area, situated directly north of the city of Boston, across the Charles River. It is home to two of the world’s most prominent universities, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.