Dunlaoghaire (South Dublin) Male

Aged 40 | Born 1974

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"My particular accent would be a south Dublin accent which would be around the area called Dún Laoghaire [Dunleary]. It has the distinction of being a Northside enclave on the Southside!"

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About Dublin

The city of Dublin is on the East coast of Ireland, at the mouth of the river Liffey. Many well known writers hail from the area, such as Sean O’Casey, Samuel Beckett, G.B. Shaw and Oscar Wilde. It is also the home of Guinness.

During the 19th century, the Act of Union of 1800 transferred government of the City to London. Dublin suffered devastating political and economic decline and inevitable social deprivation followed. Following the partition of Ireland in 1922, it became the capital of the Irish Free State (1922–1949) and now is the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

In the late 1990s the city was at the forefront of Ireland’s rapid economic expansion, known as the Celtic Tiger, with enormous private sector and state development of housing, transport and business. It has since been adjusting to the subsequent financial crisis of 2008.

A north-south division has traditionally existed in Dublin, with the River Liffey as the divider, and the accents of the area reflect this. The accents of Dublin are changing rapidly and there are significant differences between the young and old.