Denbigh Male

Aged 39 | Born 1975

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"I was brought up in quite a big family. I was one of 5 boys. I was the second. My mother and father were from the same village. I went to the local village primary school. It had about 50 kids there. I went to secondary school in St. Asaph. It was a Welsh language secondary school. I now live in Gerlan, near Bethesda. I am a bi-lingual Welsh and English speaker."

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About Denbighshire

The accents of the northern regions of Wales are quite distinct from those of the south due to its history and the strong geographical and cultural links with Liverpool. In ancient history the region was called Pura Wallia, or ‘Independent Wales’ as distinct from the Marchia Wallia of the south which was ruled by Norman lords. As such North Wales developed a distinct identity and dialect. Speakers of the separate northern dialect were called Gogs, and this distinct identity, and indeed the name, persist today.

North Wales is rural and rugged with mountains and valleys and a beautiful coastline. It has been and remains a stronghold of the Welsh language and a centre for the nation’s cultural identity.

Denbighshire has the distinction of being the oldest inhabited part of Wales. Since the demise of coal and steel, agriculture and tourism are the main industries.