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Aged 24 | Born 1990

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"My parents moved to the countryside from bigger cities before I was born. Growing up in the countryside in Wales means that you have to play rugby. It also means that you have to learn to folk dance. Throughout school we would compete in recitation, singing, and acting, mainly for a cultural festival called an Eisteddfod. Rural Wales used to be where the Welsh language thrived, and the county that I'm from was considered a stronghold of the language."

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About Carmarthenshire

The county of Carmarthenshire is in south west Wales. It was given the name ‘Garden of Wales’ due to its agricultural produce and fertile land, and Dylan Thomas called it a ‘timeless, mild, beguiling island of a town’, writing Under Milk Wood while he lived there. It has sandy beaches in the south and the Cambrian Mountains in the north.

Many see the wide use of the Welsh language in Carmarthenshire as a source of pride, and it is growing in many areas, with increasing amounts of both young and old learning and using the language. Its use is encouraged throughout the county.