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Aged 35 | Born 1979

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"I’m from a working class mining background with 2 generations of miners before my dad, who all served in the war. We had a forge in our town and a lot of factories. Manual labour was the main source of work"

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About County Durham

County Durham has a mixture of mining and farming heritage, as well as a heavy railway industry, particularly in the southeast of the county in Darlington, Shildon and Stockton. Its economy was historically based on coal mining, iron mining and ship-building. The culture of coal mining found expression in the Durham Miners’ Gala, first held in 1871, and developed around the culture of trade unionism.

The UK miners’ strike of 1984/5 caused many miners across the county to strike, as captured in the film Billy Elliot. Today no deep-coal mines exist in the county, and the ship-building undertaken at Sunderland, which became the largest shipbuilding town in the world, finally ended in 1988.

The city of Durham sits on the River Wear, to the south of Newcastle upon Tyne.