Birmingham Male

Aged 48 | Born 1965

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"I come from working class white parents, and live in the city of Birmingham."

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About Birmingham

A metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, Birmingham is known as England’s second city, and is pretty well slap bang in the middle of England. It grew to prominence with manufacturing and engineering, and is especially famous for its arms factories and chocolate factories. It has a thriving Afro-Caribbean and South Asian community, and was the home of the original English Balti dish. It has six universities, and many major cultural institutions.

Sometimes confused with the neighbouring Black Country accent, the people and accent of Birmingham have a name of their own; ‘Brummie’. The interesting dialect, with ‘cake hole’ meaning mouth, ‘caggy handed’ meaning left-handed, and ‘tarrarabit’ meaning ‘goodbye’, may leave some visitors puzzled, but they are much enjoyed by the locals!

Birmingham English is where the accents of the north and south meet, and mix with those of Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire. It also has elements from the languages and dialects of its South Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities.

(Wikipedia 2015)