Birmingham Male

Aged 27 | Born 1987

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"I currently live in Birmingham … I grew up in the area of Aston which is not far from the city centre. I am twenty seven years old and currently a bus driver. I am of black British ethnicity … my dad was born in Jamaica he came over to England when he was 11 and my mum is born in England but her parents originated from a island in the Caribbean called St. Kitts and Nevis."

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About Birmingham, West Midlands

A metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, Birmingham is known as England’s second city, and is in the middle of England. It grew to prominence with manufacturing and engineering, and is especially famous for its arms factories and chocolate factories. In recent years the city centre has seen major rejuvenation. Birmingham has a thriving South Asian community, and was the home of the original English Balti dish. It has six universities, and many major cultural institutions.

Birmingham is where the accents of the north and south meet, and mix with those of Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire together with elements of its South Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities.